5 Fruits That Help In Reducing Bloated Stomachs


Bloating is that fullness feeling you have after a meal, when your stomach feels fat and gassy.

This feeling is unimaginable and the fact that your tummy is sticking out of your cloth, is not helping matters.

To help you out with your bloated stomach ate these 5 fruits listed below.

1) Paw-Paw
Paw paw makes digestion easy which in turn will help reduce your bloated tummy. This is only possible because of the enzyme that is found in the fruit.

Banana can help in preventing water retention in your body. This is important if you want to get that flat tummy back.

3) Oranges
Oranges are rich in potassium. Therefore, this would reduce any salt-induced bloating in your body.

You did not know this right?

4) Cucumbers
The antioxidant found in cucumbers will help you release the pressure gotten from your stomach swelling. The fruit will make you feel so much lighter after eating a heavy meal.

5) Pineapple
You might not be aware that this fruit is the only source of enzyme bromelain, which treats indigestion.

A research carried out by the University of Maryland Medical Center, shows that the enzyme in the fruit fastly gets rid of your bloated stomach.

If you are not a fan of any of these fruits, you can find alternative ways to eat them e.g it could be taken as a smoothie, natural fruit drink, e.t.c.


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